Surviving Social Distancing

Tips and tricks to make Social Distancing a little more tolerable!

How To Make Social Distancing More Bearable

All around the world, social distancing has become the new norm. Parks and shopping malls look like ghost towns as everyone stays home to slow the spread of COVID-19, and so far, for most of us, it sucks! While the average introvert probably relishes the chance to stay home for humanity, the fact is, staying at home gets old. Follow these easy steps to make it a little more bearable.

1. Find a hobby

With this much time to kill, many of us can finally adopt that “way too time consuming” hobby. From gardening to watching movies, time spent enjoying yourself alone is never time wasted - especially when youre stuck at home anyways! Check out this article for ideas.

2. Video call your friends and family

COVID-19 has put a stop to public gatherings and family outings, leaving many of us with almost no person-to-person contact. Once again, this is a good thing! It protects us and our families, but the distance can be disheartening. Video calls always bring up my mood, and are a great way to feel closer during these trying times. Here's a list of great video chatting apps you can download now!

3. Start a routine

Staying at home constantly can cause even the most diligent person to lose motivation. Just last week I caught myself staying up till 4am and waking up in the evening, leading to the least productive week of my student life. Putting yourself on a daily routine can restore just a little bit of normalcy to your day - and sometimes, a little bit of normalcy is all you need. Check out the video below to see our quarantine routine!

4. Learn a new skill

Now is the PERFECT time to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Try some online coding workshops, or learn how to cook. Give yourself a goal to work towards, and you’ll come out a better version of yourself. PC Mag compiled a great list of skills employers are looking for in 2020.

5. Get some fresh air

With social distancing in full-swing, I’ve found that many people think it means we should leave our homes as little as possible, or not at all (and that’s partially true!) But the fact is, we as humans need sunlight and fresh air, and a lack of it can make us feel tired and sad.Thats why it’s so important to go outside at least once a day -- even if it’s just standing on the porch for 30 minutes. Find a way to get daily outside time without breaking local restrictions!

My Quarantine Routine

Help Those In Need

In these uncertain times, many people have lost their jobs -- or worse. If you're in a stable situation and would like to help others in need, we offer information on how you can aid others.

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Last Updated: 4/17/2020