a designer at heart, a professional in practice..

As long as I can remember, I've always needed to create something. Anything. While I was never much of an artist in traditional mediums(i.e. pencil and paper), computers and artistic software fascinated me. Today, I'm a Digital Media student at TXST with a Computer Science minor; but don't let the "student" title fool you, I'm an extemely capable designer, artist, audio engineer, video producer, and programmer.

Digital media in every form.

My skillset is broad, but for a good reason. As a kid, I started Audio Engineering to produce music for my band. From there, I learned to create basic graphics and videos with the Adobe suite. Suddenly, we needed a website, and I began learning to code.

The following table shows an inexhaustive list of software I use:

Graphic Design Audio Video
Adobe Illustrator Logic Pro X Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop Ableton Live Sony Vegas
Adobe InDesign Waves Suite

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