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Bridge Maintenance

A movable bridge has a system(s) like the human body:

The Florida Drawbridge objective is to provide safe and reliable operation of the bridges, prevent failures and extend the life of the structures. This is accomplished by the implementation of a healthy and systematic maintenance program. Our plan includes inspections, maintenance and service to each and every part of the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and structural body of the movable bridge and fender systems.

Electrical equipment.
Moveable Bridges

In 2007 Florida Drawbridges, Inc. began its first full Performance Based Asset Management Contract for Movable Bridges in Miami Dade and Monroe Counties for the Florida DOT District 6. By implementing the principles of Asset Management Florida Drawbridge has consistently achieved high levels of service at the most efficient cost to the public.

Mechanical gears.
Roadway and Bridges

In 2013 FDI started its first Roadway Asset Management project. For this, FDI Services expanded its capabilities and knowledge base. FDI provides fence to fence O&M services using the most efficient combination of in-house resources and outsourced capabilities. FDI’s roadway projects include routine roadway and bridge maintenance, as well as, emergency response on some the busiest limited access highways in the nation.

Hydraulic pumps.

FDI Services provides asset management services to buildings and other facilities owned by transportation agencies. Our teams maintain over 200 buildings, where our responsibilities go from plumbing and carpentry to landscape maintenance, roofs. This includes the On-call 24/7 maintenance of HVAC and generator systems. Our responsibilities include preventive maintenance, routine and non-routine work, as well as emergency response.

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