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Field Repairs

Field repairs are very unique jobs that take experience and ingenuity. Many bridges and especially movable bridges consist of very large pieces of machinery like hydraulic cylinders. With the importance and effort to maintain traffic flow, combined with the obstacles of new technologies outdating old ones, making repairs at this time has many obstacles and usually includes: special rigging, precision machine work, hydraulic powered rigs, tools specially fabricated, and innovation throughout a team of specialist.


Brickell Ave. Bridge, Miami, Fl. - Description: Hydraulic span machinery repair of all 16 hydraulic cylinders. A complete replacement and installation to engineer's specifications of one whole cylinder. Machine, Hydraulic, and Mechanical work on all cylinder components (cylinder head, rod gland, cap, pin, plates, etc.) to completely restore the functionality and integrity of the original installed system. (July 2012)

NW 27th Ave Bridge, Miami, Fl. - Description: Hydraulic span machinery repair of all 16 hydraulic cylinders. Machine, Hydraulic, and Mechanical work on all components like the Brickell Project above. This project included highly technical and precise field machine work, welding, and custom tools to complete. (Nov 2011)

Snake Creek Motor Repair, FL Keys - Description: Completely removed a span motor for servicing. Team completely serviced and replaced bearings off site, tested, reinstalled, specially field aligned by our machinist, and then tested again. (Aug 2009)

Blackburn Swing Bridge, Venice, Fl. - Description: Project consisted of redesign drive system, reconfigure control panel and limit switches. Calibrated and tested. (March 2009)

NW 36th Street Bridge Miami, FL, - Description: Stinger, girder and floor beam repair of major degenerative wear. Work consisted of paint and rust removal, welding plates and connections, sealing and painting. (Feb 2009)

Brickell Ave. Bridge, Miami, FL. - Description: Lock bar replacement, consisted of removing bent and jammed 9 inch by 6 inch solid steel lock bar. Replacement bar was custom machined along with associated lock attachments; Lock bar was replaced, lock reassembled, calibrated and tested. (Jan 2009)

7 Mile Bridge, Florida - Description: Keys Navigational lighting upgrade to Solar conversion, May 2008

Snake Creek, Islamorada, FL, - Description: Installation of Traffic gates and housing and repair of grounding system. Project consisted of installation of (4) gates to replace existing poorly functioning units and repairing the existing grounding system by reattaching the existing down leads at columns to the existing ground rods. 2008

SW 1st Street, Miami, FL. - Description: Replace girder trunnion bushings including jacking east leaf, replacing corroded anchor bolts and bonding and grounding of electrical equipment. This project included jacking procedures, removing caps of the near leaf, machining of the bearing bases for ANSI B,1 fit & LCI clearance with the bushings, supplying and installing (2) new bushings. The project also included replacing 20 corroded trunnion base bolts with new turned bolts to conform to an LC1 fit. The grounding project provided labor and equipment to ground/bond the generator, auto transfer switch, motor control center, and the Main Breaker to the ground system in accordance with codes, regulation and F-DOT Specification 508-1 to 508-23. 2008

SW 1st Street, Miami, FL. - Description: Install Split level Air conditioner. The project included removing the electrical room louvers, fill the louver space with masonry material, and install split level air condition system per local codes for the roadway level for the bridge house. The project also included providing and mounting a galvanized steel platform for the AC compressor. 2008

PLC Program Backups and EEPROM Installation Miami - Description: Project consists of downloading bridge PLC programs on 5 bridges (Sunny Isles, W. 79th, East 79th, Brickell Ave, and Flagler St.) to CD, making copies, installing EEPROM and testing the system. 2006

Jewfish Creek, Key Largo, FL, - Description: Installation of Traffic Gates and Housing, Project consisted of installation of (2) oncoming gates to replace existing poorly functioning units. One gate was replaced under our State Contract and one under our construction contract with Granite Construction. Electrical engineering was required to configure the new controls with the existing control system. 2005

SW 1st Street, Miami, FL, - Description: Jacking Screw Repair, Projected consisted of repairing 3 jacking screw assemblies on the near leaf. Bridge was closed and secured in the air for repair. 2005

NW 5th Street, Miami, FL, - Description: Emergency Repair, Project consisted of modification design and build repair to secure the bridge in the open position after major vessel collision. 2005

Jewfish Creek, Key Largo, FL, - Description: Drive Installation and Control Upgrade, Project consisted of replacing (2) GE variable frequency drives (2) with new AB VFD drives and designing controls to interface into the existing controls. 2005

Miami Dade County, FL, Miami River Sub Cable Project - Description: Installed new Submarine cables on the NW 22nd Ave., NW 17th Ave., and Miami Ave. Bridges. Florida Drawbridge managed the subcontractors, including dredging, coring and excavation; prepared all submittals; managed and obtained necessary permits under strict time constraints due to the Army Corp of Engineers Miami River Dredging Project. 2005

Jupiter Federal, Jupiter, FL. - Description: Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Project was to remove (4) leaf hydraulic cylinders, rebuild with new rods, seals, wipers etc and reinstall into the operating system. The cylinders were removed in a one night closure and reinstalled during another one night closure. 2005

Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL. - Description: Fender Repair, Project was to remove bottom walers and install new plastic walers on the bottom row. 2005

Indian Town Road, Jupiter, FL. - Description: Installation of new Barrier Gates and Housings, Project was to remove Hurricane/tornado damaged traffic barriers and gates and install new B&B traffic barriers and gates. Gates were VT 77 and Barriers were VT 6801. 2005

Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL. - Description: Damaged Lock Receiver Repair, Perform project to straighten lock receiver, guides and associated steel after lock control failure caused bridge to open with lock driven. 2004

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